Our most recent gig, at the Hope and Anchor, was our first attempt to do an acoustic gig for more than 3 years, and got a great reception from the crowd. Within the band, opinion was divided. Personally I felt we were much less tight than at recent gigs, and I felt that we can do a lot better.  We had more drop outs and rough starts/ends than usual. I had felt in rehearsals that we weren't quite there, and that another couple of rehearsals, would have got us tight. Equally, however, it was great fun to do, and the crowd really enjoyed it, and you can't  argue with that.

Ex-Shorty Ravi turned up to cheer us on, and it was great to see him. He was kind and concilliatory, which given the fact that his parting from the band was turmultous, reflected really well on him. Hatchets were quite rightly buried, and we hope to see him again in the near future.I am hopeful that at the next gig we keep all the positives from this gig, but build on them and combine the best of the electric gigs, with the best of the acoustic, to really put on a show that not only the crowd, but all the band, get something from.

For the record, the setlist was:


The British Trust For Conservation Volunteers Gay and Lesbian Weekend

Only Hicks and Pro-Tool Dicks

Love Abides

Where's My Remote Control?


Sofa Bunny Love Fest

Miss Friel

Forty Years

Our next gig should be in November. In the meantime we intend to record some more tracks for our next album. Late September/early October is being mooted as the next recording dates.



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