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12/5/06 Gig

It just shows how quickly your priorities can change. In my last post I was worrying that we might not perform as well as last time. Then, on the Wednesday before the gig, I came down with a horrible flu-bug. By Thursday night I was shivering uncontrollably, and had a fever. My wife was spon...

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How long does it take to make an album?  I suppose it depends. When we were all single, we thought nothing of spending a whole weekend recording up at Mark's house, and were able to release a CD a year. Now we've got partners, wives and in some cases babies. It took us 2 years and 10 m...

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The mind is a funny thing. For years I've come away from each gig with something that I could be self-critical about, feeling frustrated that we didn't sound as great as I know we can. Finally, our gig last November was almost the perfect gig. great crowd, great sound engineer and great performan...

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Chris, Dan and I have been doing some reviewing over at Garageband.Com. It's a cool site, and the quality of some of the stuff on there is really cool. I reviewed Paul Steel's Rust and Dust which is the best Beach Boys-esque song I've heard in ab...

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