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Whether you’re looking for history, fun, and adventure, a religious destination, or a great family getaway, almost every location has something for everyone! Customize your own dream trip to Jordan.

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Your thirst for thrills has been held in check by fear – whether it’s an aversion to exotic places or a feeling in your stomach when you think about tall heights. You may not be ready for deepwater diving or BASE jumping when you arrive, but you could be willing before you leave. You’ll be surprised at how Jordan can inspire and change a traveler. 


Jordan offers ways to expand your comfort zone without sacrificing comfort. The wealth of quality accommodations allows you to start small and grow bolder as you discover your inner adventure film star — here are just a few points you can stop at on your next excursion.

Popular Destinations


Whether you’re looking for history, fun, and adventure, a religious destination, or a great family getaway, almost every location has something for everyone!

The Dead Sea

Come take in the splendor of the amazing Dead Sea. Like bathing in a natural hot tub, It sounds a lot scarier than it is, comes and find out how.

Wadi Rum

When you think of sand dunes, you with of Wadi Rum. Take a camel ride or a dune buggy adventure through the desert, it'll be the most fun you've ever had.

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An update after nearly 8 years

If anyone stumbles across this site and wonders if we all just called it a day in 2012, well we didn't.  A brief catch-up on the last 7 years: As you'll have seen from the previous entries, h...

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Shorties Announce New Album For 2012

  November 3rd:  The Shorty Blackwells have officially announced that they will be recording and releasing their seventh studio CD in 2012. This reverses a previous decision to aba...

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Thursday's Show in Camden

    Just a short note to say we hope to see as many of you as possible at Thursday's show (That's Thurs Oct 28th) We're making our debut at The Enterprise in Camden, Londo...

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Jan 29th 2010 Gig Debrief

    On Fri January 29th, we played our first gig of 2010, at The Comedy Pub,in Leicester Square.Head over to youtube and you can see the full gig (and tons of otherShorties content...

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40 Years I've Been Walking These Streets

On November 23rd I turned forty, and unbeknownst to me my wife organised a surprise party. She enlisted all the other Shorties, all seven of them, and they worked up a 14 song set (7 originals an...

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Great News. We have decided to make Longevity, The documentary covering the first ten years of The Shorty Blackwells, available to all via the magic of You Tube. Showing in seven manageable ...

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Curry Night: November 2008

The problem with not updating the blog, of course, is that your memory goes. These pics are from November last year and it appears we went for a band night out at a curry house in East London ...

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Looking Forward

Well it's certainly been a while since I posted here. Lots has happened in the meantime: We've played alongside Loyd Grossman's band at a charity benefit in January, which was great fun. Sau...

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CD Launch Gig 'A Qualified Success'

  Our CD launch gig on Friday 3rd October, at our usual haunt, 'The Comedy Pub', was not without its troubles (when are they ever) but overall it was a positive experience on several...

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New Gig and New Album!!!

Firstly, Apologies it has taken me so long to post here. However I'm back with our latest news. On Friday october 3rd we play a gig at The Comedy Pub, 7 Oxendon Street, Piccadilly Circus, SW...

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We have many different vacation packages to meet your family's needs. Traveling alone? we have packages for the single traveler to make new friends on their adventures.

Jordan Temples

Come see the Jordan temples that very few have seen. A once in a lifetime opportunity available to you.

Dead Sea Diving

Did you know you can go diving in the Dead Sea? book now to come experience what many thought was not possible.

National Geographic

Choose our National Geographic package if you are the type who wants to see as much as possible in your vacation.

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