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Is it really August when I last posted??!!  Many apologies for this tardiness. My only excuse is that Collette and I have been moving house, but that is finally done and dusted and normal service can be resumed

I'm delighted to say that our Osbert Scoon CD has been a big success,both in terms of sales and, more importantly, the critical reaction. 

Since I last posted, we performed a gig at The Comedy Pub on October 27th. We got a great reception and sold a fair few albums. Since Liam's return I have taken more of a back seat, and for the first time that I can recall, I didn't sing a single lead vocal, but I enjoyed it just as much as ever. We were forced to cut 2 songs as the whole event was late starting, and didn't perform a single cover version for the first time that I can recall in an electric Shorties concert. 

Then, on November 12th, we got together to record 2 more of our 'Woody Guthrie' style, campfire sessions. As you may recall, for our next album we want to try and capture more of the relaxed fun feel of making music, and get away from taking 3 years to come up with each album. So it was that when we arrived at the session, only Liam (who had written them) knew the 2 songs we were going to record. Thus it was that we learnt, rehearsed and recorded 2 songs in 4 hours.  I captured some of the footage for use in the next doucmentary, which I hope to start filming early next year.

Finally Shane O'Sullivan, who began his directing career filming 'The Magic
Formula' for us in 1996, and returned to direct 'Shortyworld The
Movie' in 1999, had his latest work shown on BBC2's Newsnight on November 20th.

O'Sullivan has recently been working on a documentary about the death
of US Senator Bobby Kennady, and has uncovered major new evidence
suggesting CIA involvement in his killing.

After the showing of his documentary footage on Newsnight, he survived a grilling by the legendary Jeremy Paxman, and indeed came across very well, I thought.

Shane has also written a piece for the Guardian newspaper, published
the same day, detailing the findings of his documentary


Photos are from the October 27th concert. Thanks to J. Preston for these images

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