The news you've all been waiting for. You can now pre-order our Osbert Scoon CD for the very special price of £5.99! That's £2 of the normal listed price.

14 amazing tracks, all your faves that we've been playing at our most recent gigs:

'He plays The Lottery', 'Armies Of Terror', 'Leopard's Head', 'New Orleans' (the banjo song).

Still not sure? On the Osbert Scoon page on our site, there is also a free track, and free live video. Plus if you prefer downloading to real CDs, we've put a couple of tracks up for people to buy as downloads. If they go well, we'll add more

So don't miss the opportunity to grab yourself a bargain. The CD will only remain at £5.99 until the release date of August 31st

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