Got to kick off this latest blog entry by telling you we'll be doing a special unplugged/acoustic concert on

August 1st at the Hope and Anchor pub, nr Kings Cross, at 8.40pm.

We haven't done an acoustic for 3 and a half years, but they are great fun. Really relaxed, to me they feel more like the vibe at a party where someone gets out a guitar and a jam starts up. Audience involvement is welcomed, we need you all to sing along etc, and judging by how great you were at the last gig, it should be a great show. Pop it in your diaries now.

The provisional setlist includes recent songs such as 'Where's My Remote Control?', Shorties classics such as Che Guavara and Me' and a brand new song 'Love Abides'


On Thursday May 24th, we got together and recorded 2 more tracks for our next CD. The songs were 'The Richard Brautigan Memorial BBQ' which made it's debut at the last gig, and 'Drown, Hope and Float', which we've been performing for a good couple of years, and have really had time to woodshed into great shape. As Liam and Dave couldn't make the session, they will overdub their parts later on.

Once again, recording live as a group, helped us capture the energy and pace we have when playing live. I really think this album will be the closest distillation of The Shorties live experience that it is possible to get. Looking back, I can't believe it took us 16 years to wake up to the fact that our strength is our vibe and energy and ramshackledness, and that trying to disguise that and make a CD which sounded more professional, only succeeded in losing much of what made us great, and didn't even make us sound any better tchnically, either.

It was only when we realised we didn't have time for the old style of recording that we stumbled into this style, but it's been a revelation.



Next weekend, June 9th, Saul, Dan and myself will meet up to record a couple more songs, and record a new radio Show. On our radio shows we each bring a bunch of songs we like, that the others don't know, play them and we chat about them. I'll report more on this, in the next blog entry.


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