Early in June, Saul, Dan and I got together  at Dan's house to record a couple of new radio shows, which we hope to upload as new podcasts sometime in 2017 (!!), or hopefully a little sooner. It's the editing that takes the time on these things, and as we all do music for the love of it, and have to earn a living 9-5, free time is not what it might be, but Dan is working on them as and when he can, so we'll have them uploaded for you soon, I hope.

Before doing the shows, we recorded some new songs. The originals we cut were  'Love Abides', which is my most recent tune, and is heavily influenced by the sound of the 'Original Harmony Creekdippers' who I have really been digging lately; 'Only Hicks and Pro-Tool Dicks' is Dan's most recent offering, and we also cut a new song of Saul's, which is currently untitled.  We then jammed up a couple of covers, The Beach Boys 'It's About Time', which we have wanted to play for years and years and years. It was very rough and ready and probably won't make it to an album, but was great fun to do, and a Warren Zevon classic.

As Saul is based on Norwich and doesn't get to work with us as much these days, I then  took the opportunity to do a filmed interview with him about the events of the last 6 years. It was my very first baby step towards a follow-up documentary, which will also probably be released in 2017!

Then, we sat down and cut 2 brand new radio shows, with each of us playing some of our current fave tunes, and then discussing them with the others.  Saul brought some Incredible String band, I brought some Jim Noir, and I've already forgotten what dan brought but it was groovy.

As always these were great fun to do. All too soon Saul and I had to say goodbye and head back to our trains to return us to our waiting wives, but we got a great deal done, and had a fantastic day

On July 23rd we start rehearsals for our unplugged gig of August 1st, so there's plenty to keep us busy.

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