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This month it's the turn of our archive site to be updated. We've reached 2003 in our year-by-year guide. Read all the behind-the -scenes gossip and find out what really went on. Plus view exclusive, previously unseen pics, a couple of which accompany this blog post.

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Next week we start rehearsals for our March 30th gig. We hope you'll all join us down at The Comedy Pub, on Leicester Square.

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Dan recently completed preliminary mixes on the 7 tracks we have recorded for our untitled next CD. I love 'em.  They really sound far better than i expected. We have managed to really capture the energy, fun and excitement of live performance, yet the expected negative aspect of this kind of recording, that there would be a real drop in sound quality and also a number of obvious fluffs etc, hasn't panned out.  Why didn't we do this years ago! 




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