On October 19th 2003, we gathered in Backstreet Studios in Holloway Rd, North London to begin recording the album that was to become 'Osbert Scoon'. We've been working on it so long that Matthew and Mike hadn't even joined the band when we began. It seems an absolute age ago, but finally,nearly 3 years on, we are delighted to announce that 'The Disturbing Testimony Of Osbert Scoon' will be released on August 31st.
The album will feature 14 groovy tracks and we are currently setting up a special 'Osbert Scoon' page on the website, where you'll be able to listen to a free track, watch video clips, and pre-order it at a special price of £5.99
While we are keeping the final cover design secret for just a little while longer, those of you viewing this message on our blog will be able to see 2 of the designs we have considered and rejected on our way to the final cover.
For those of you who have been coming to our gigs for the last couple of years, it will seem like a greatest hits CD, with all the crowd pleasers such as 'He Plays The Lottery', 'New Orleans' (the banjo song!), 'Leopard's Head' (with the Irish Whistle), The Independent People's Revolutionary Office, and all your favourites.
The other news this month is that we have moved the main site to a new server. This will mean no more adverts when you view the site, and also will mean a faster loading time. The url remains
The archive site of the complete history of the band remains on the old servers and can be reached via the links page.
I will email again next week, to launch the pre-order page

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