As I type this, I'm listening to Springstein's 'The Seeger Sessions', which is an album that could raise a dead man and make him dance for joy. If you haven't got it, buy it ..NOW!  Anyway, that's got nothing to do with The Shorties (except that our love of groovy music and the sheer passion it can bring) is the glue that binds the band together. Today it's our 16 year anniversary, and it's more fun now than ever.

14th January saw us shake off the last festive cobwebs, and hit the studio to record the 6th and 7th tracks for our next album. They were my self-penned 'Don't Mock The Moog' and Liam's 'Square Mile'.  They were great fun to record, and as per our remit on this album, we worked them both up from scratch, and then recorded them, all in just 6 hours. The songs, to my ears, do reflect the fun and joy of making them, more so than those that have been carefully constructed over months of sessions and layering on previous albums. Of course the trade off is they are less polished with the odd pop or bum note thrown in. Basically it's like some friends with guitars having a sing-song at a party. And speaking of sing songs, we want to get you all singing along at our next gig.


It's at 8pm  on Friday March 30th, at The Comedy Pub, 7 Oxenden Street, Piccadilly Circus, London W1.

We hope you'll all come along and join the party.


Pics are from the Jan 14th recording session

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