Early in October we hooked up to record the last two basic tracks of our next album, 'Centrafugel Bugle'.  They were 'The British Trust for Conservation Gay and Lesbian Clean Up at Mile End' and 'Centrafugel Bugle' the song which gives the album its name. In keeping with the style we have adopted for this album, almost everything was recorded together, to help ensure we capture the heart and energy of the songs.

In early November the bulk of the overdubs were completed in a special session at Moat Studios.

All that remains to be completed are some vocal overdubs from Aiden (to be recorded on December 6th) and a lead vocal for 'Love Abides' which will be provided by a special guest

Altogether we have 16 tracks recorded for the album (a 17th, a cover of The Beach Boys' 'It's About Time' was recorded, but didn't make the grade) the most tunes on a Shorties album since 1999s 'Music For Mooks'. Our new way of recording the songs, not only makes them sound better, but is far quicker. There was a 3 year gap between 'Therapy' and 'Buff' and again between 'Buff and Scoon'. Despite having more songs than any of those albums, we aim to have 'Bugle' released less than 2 years after 'Scoon', meaning our long-suffering fans can get their fix of Shorties grooves more frequently, which has got to be a good thing!

The pics come from the Oct 07 recording session detailed above.

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