Wow, How Time Flies

I can't believe it's July already!. So, what have we been up to lately. Well, Dan has been finishing mixing our 'Osbert Scoon' album. We are hopeful of releasing that next month.

We've also got together and begun recording our next album. We plan to do this one in much more of a relaxed 'campfire sessions' sort of style.This should enable us to improve on our one album every three years' output. The idea is we record the songs 'as live' in the studio. We are rectricted to 4 mics, so the feel is very much like in a live setting. The idea is to bring out the fun and enthusiasm of our live shows, in the studio setting. There are no overdubs, we just record a few takes and go with the best one.

At the first session on Sunday (July 2nd) we recorded 3 songs. A cover of Springstein's 'Nebraska' and 2 new originals, one by Liam and one by Dan. they are so new they don't even have titles yet!

We hope to do some more sessions and use the material as the basis for a few acoustic shows. We haven't done an acoustic gig for well over 2 years so it will be nice to have a change.


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